Promoting Academic Excellence

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Namal is an independent body that reviews, critiques and gives feedback on current academic practices. The QEC creates mechanisms and activities to ensure and enhance the quality of academic life at Namal and continually pushes for quality within academia. Our working principle is that ensuring a culture of dignity and respect at the workplace shall engender quality work from the members of community as a natural consequence.

Major Objectives

  • Defining attributes of excellence for students as well as faculty
  • Student evaluations of teachers
  • Satisfaction surveys: faculty, staff, students, alumni, employer
  • Compiling the results of surveys in annual Self-Assessment Reports
  • Compiling faculty retreat surveys
  • Exit interviews of faculty and staff
  • DAI, qualitative incentives and other policy making activities

Team Members

Dr. Junaid Akhtar
Dr. Basharat Javed
Ms. Zulaikha Kiran
Dr. Talha Manzoor
Dr. Noman Javed